Unguided rocket projectile M26A1/A2

Неуправляемый реактивный снаряд М26A1/A2

M26A1/A2 projectile with extended range is designed on the basis of M26 projectile. It consists of a cassette head part. It is designed to engage open manpower and military equipment, light armored combat vehicles, as well as for counter-battery combat.

The NURS production program with extended range, designated ER-MLRS (Extended Range MLRS Rocket), was started in 1996. The M26A1/A2 (ER-MLRS) projectile consists of: an extended rocket engine (as compared to the M26 projectile engine) and a head unit with a smaller number of shaped-shrapnel warheads (518), a new safety and tampering system, a modified center accelerator, a new head unit fuse, and a shaped-shrapnel warhead with self-liquidation mechanism. The igniter is located in the nozzle of the projectile. The engine is triggered by an electrical command from the fire control system. In flight, the projectile rotates counterclockwise.

Variants A1 and A2 are equipped with different fighting elements. Especially for the ER-MLRS there was developed a new high reliability M85 accumulator and shrapnel fighting element (planned failure rate of M85 is less than 1%). For the M85, a bayonet was removed from the design of the M77 fusing element. A modified integrated chip was introduced into the design, providing the selected deceleration for subsequent self-liquidation and an anti-interference sensor to provide a change in installation and neutralization.

Since the development of the M85 warheads was delayed, the first ER-MLRSs were equipped with the M77 COBE and designated M26A2. The projectiles with new combat elements were designated as M26A1. It was reported about the beginning of production of M85 since 1999, according to other available information, the COBE M85 (HM85) has not yet been adopted for service. It was also reported that the main body of the projectile is equipped with small combat elements M101.

Technical specifications

Caliber, mm 227
Length, mm 3937
The projectile's range, m 45500
Length, m:
            - shell
            - header
            - rocket engine
Header type cassette
Number of COBEs 518 М85/М77
Start weight, kg 296
Weight of the head end, kg 154