SIMBAD ship's SAM system

Корабельный ЗРК "SIMBAD"

SIMBAD ship's SAM system is designed for installation of ships of any (including small) displacement as the main and auxiliary means of short-range air defense.

The complex has a simplified launcher with two Mistral missiles, equipped with infrared and television equipment for detection and tracking of air targets, which provides its fully autonomous application day and night. Two missiles can be fired within 10 seconds. The upgraded air defense control unit allows receiving external target designation from ship-wide detection systems.

The SIMBAD complex can be mounted on an unprepared carrier within 48 hours.

Gross weight (including 2 missiles) 250kg
Horizontal pointing angle 310°
Angle of pointing at the corner 10° to + 55°
Recharging time single rocket per minute