Scheme of attack of "Cube" SAM system by one plane

Схема атаки ЗРК "Куб" одним самолетом

Very risky, but effective attack maneuver by one plane. The aircraft, hiding in the interference from the underlying surface, flew to the launcher at an extremely low altitude to avoid detection of its radar. As he passed over the target, the pilot would make a steep, almost vertical altitude gain and then immediately dive to the target, dropping his missiles and bombs at the appropriate moment. During the dive and afterwards, the pilot, still at a low altitude, had to first throw away the Cube SLCMs that could have been fired at his aircraft, and then perform energetic maneuvering to evade the ZAR from the IR CNS, which could have been in the military order. The simplest of these maneuvers was to eject infrared traps, and then turn the engine output nozzle, the hottest point of the aircraft, away from the CNS missile.