Missile Guidance Scheme CEB-5

  1. detection of the target and taking it to car escort Rubin-1K missile launcher and ARGSN missile;
  2. separation of the rocket, rudder unfolding, the release of the sub-body keel, the launch of the engines on the 2nd second second of the flight and the conversion of the rocket into a castration;
  3. acceleration and gain of the marching altitude at the maximum operating mode of the engine, correction of the trajectory from the launch vehicle;
  4. capture of the missile's CNS target, flight at ground altitude at one of the engine's cruising modes according to CNS data and impulse correction of course and pitch from the launch vehicle;
  5. transfer of the missile to dive at an inclined range of 60 km from the target, the transition to autonomous homing on course and pitch from the CNS. Turn of the launch vehicle;
  6. disabling of the GSN at a range of 1 km from the target, subversion of conventional BC by contact or special BC by radar detonator.