Pattern of guidance for the KSW-2 cruise missile

  1. Capturing the target of the radar "Rubin-1K" carrier and the missile RGSN 20-30 km before the launch point;
  2. disengaging the missile and launching its engine to the maximum mode at the 7th second of the flight;
  3. flight at the command of the launch vehicle;
  4. connection of the rocket's autopilot to the RGSN at the 40th second of the flight and switching the engine to the marching mode. Flight at cruising altitude without taking into account preemptive flight. Laptop of the carrier.
  5. The same for KSW-2M, but a cruising flight in an inclined line to the target;
  6. switching to control on the course, taking into account the preemptive 15-20 km to the target. Orientation of the WGH antenna at the target and combining with it the axis of the missile;
  7. Disabling of the RRGN 0.45 km to the target and the conversion of the missile to dive.