Scheme of guidance of the K-10S projectile aircraft

  1. detection of the target of the onboard radar of EN carrier, preparation and detachment of the projectile;
  2. removal of the projectile to the 1st stabilized altitude by the autopilot software mechanism. Beginning of guidance in the horizontal plane on commands from the launch vehicle at the 70th second of the flight;
  3. turning of the launcher to an angle of up to 80° at the 100th second of the projectile flight, permitted under conditions of stability of guidance;
  4. switching the missile to a 13-18° dive at the command of K1 at the 105th second of the flight;
  5. switching on the radio altimeter and output from the dive at 2400m on command K2 of the EN launch vehicle station;
  6. flight of the rocket at the 2nd stabilized altitude (400-1000m) on command of the EN launch vehicle station;
  7. activation of the EC-2 WGS at the 200th second of the flight, search and capture of the target at a distance of 15-20 km. Termination of radio exchange with the carrier, transition to diving and BC explosion.