Control system ship equipment PCR Yahont

The Yakhont shipborne missile weapon system (RW) is designed to engage ships and transports of various classes and types from the ship's strike team, convoy, landing party, as well as single ships and coastal radio-contrast targets.

The ship's control system equipment (KASU), in turn, is responsible:

  • reception and processing of information from ship systems:
    • information management
    • gyrostabilizations
    • directories
    • safe weapons
    • LAG
  • display of information on the status of the complex and the availability of missiles on the control panel
  • firing data
  • selective firing
  • accidental release of rockets
  • drills without actually engaging the missiles
  • operational control of the complex.

Main tactical and technical characteristics of the RO complex

The time when the complex is ready for firing from the off state:
                                           - KASU
                                           - Onboard control equipmentУ)

4 min
2 min

PCR Start Interval 2-5 s 

KASU composition and operational and technical characteristics

  • Device K163C - central control unit is designed to control pre-start preparation and start of PCR - 1 pc.
    • dimensions - 500x600x600 mm
    • weight limit is 80 kg
  • Device K 163 - the peripheral control device is designed to generate PCR power supply voltages, control its parameters and code exchange with PCR provides interaction with two PCRs - the number varies.  
    • dimensions - 1025x500x500 mm
    • weight limit is 100 kg
  • Device K231 - power supply control device is designed to control the parameters of three-phase network, insulation resistance and power supply distribution by KASU devices - 1 pc.
    • dimensions - 500x530x250 mm
    • weight limit is 30 kg

Power supply:

  •   main ˜ 3f 400 Hz 220 V
  •   Battery emergency ejection MAC - 27 V

 Cooling is natural.