Monopulse homing head of the Yahont rocket.

The homing head (Homing Head) is intended for search and detection of sea and land targets in the conditions of electronic counteraction, selection of false targets, selection of the target according to the specified criteria, capture and tracking of the chosen target, development of target coordinates and their delivery to the system of autopilot of onboard equipment of the control system (BASU) of anti-ship cruise missile (SCR) "Yahont".

CNS performs the above actions in any weather conditions with sea disturbance up to 7 points inclusive.

Equipment composition

The CNS is an on-board dual-channel active-passive radar with a complex broadband coherent signal with phase code manipulation by random law, both in view and target tracking modes when operating in active mode.

The CLO carries out the tuning of frequency and time parameters, has high noise immunity in relation to various types of active interference, leading to the range and angular coordinates, and passive interference such as dipole clouds and corner reflectors, is adaptive to the interference environment and application conditions.

The CLO is built on a modular principle: antenna, transmitter, receiver, information processing device (see structural diagram).  COS has built-in self-control means.

The SOS embodies the latest scientific and technical achievements of the Central Research Institute "Granit" and other enterprises of the Russian military industrial complex:

  • functional microwave microelectronics based on thin and thick film technology;
  • modern microprocessor technology and microcomputers;
  • advanced designs and manufacturing processes;
  • high-performance power system.

The original solutions used in the CNS are patented.

All of this allowed for a high degree of integration with minimal equipment volumes, low power consumption and low manufacturing labor intensity.

Main tactical and technical characteristics

Target detection range in active mode at least 50 km
Maximum target search angle ± 45°
Ready time since switch-on for a maximum of 2 min
Current Consumption Circuit 27V not more than 38A
Weight 85 kg