Турельная установка "Комар"

The Komar turret launcher is designed to automatically launch needle-type missiles in the interests of defending Armed Forces and industry facilities from air strikes, as well as to protect surface ships in the ultra-short range zone from anti-ship missiles (SAR), enemy planes and helicopters in the conditions of natural (background) and artificial obstacles. Types of missiles used "Needle-C", "Needle".

Developer and manufacturer of JSC "RATEP". Turret installation "Komar" successfully passed state tests and adopted for service with the Russian Navy. In December 2008, after the approval of the Ministry of Defense of Russia of the export equipment, the Komar unit received an export certificate.

The automatic pointing at the target is carried out according to the target designation by the external review radar. Auto pointing and target tracking is performed by means of high resolution low-level television camera.

The Komar product provides simultaneous firing of two missiles at one target. The missiles are launched from a guided missile launcher (APN).

Tactical and technical characteristics

The boundaries of the kill zone, m:
            - at a distance
            -in height
between 500 and 6000
between 5 and 3500
Range of visual target detection by the operator on the ARM screen, km:
            - aircraft
            - PCR
The reaction time, s up to 8
Guidance sector in ship's stabilized coordinate system:
            - on course angle, deg
            - at the corner of the place, deg
± 150
EEPR angular velocity, deg/s between 40 and 60
Number of universal starter modules, pcs. between 1 and 4
Number of missiles per launch module, pcs. 2
Weight of the product, t from 0.4