ОПУ Джигит

The Jigit launcher (see photo) is designed to place, point and single or multiple launch two needle-type missiles with a single anti-aircraft gunner, can operate at any time of the day, use external pre-targeting, identify targets by their "own" type.

The Jigit launcher has no analogues in terms of its ability to conduct salvo launches of man-portable air defense missiles. During a salvo launch, the probability of hitting a target increases by an average of 1.5 times. Calculation of 1 person

Structural execution of elements of the equipment complete set for placing OPU "Gigit" can be made taking into account features of concrete carriers. The set includes: a support unit, control and maintenance equipment and training aids. The landing gear can be additionally equipped:

  • equipment that provides prior designation from a higher level of management
  • day/night telescopic sight
  • radio requestor identification system Mk-XA, Mk-XII
  • equipment that allows you to install ROVs in the car body.

Tactical and technical characteristics

Shooting sector, deg:
            - azimuth
            - around the corner
between -15 and 60
Dimensions with missiles installed, mm :
            - at war
            - stowed down
Mass of propulsion without missiles, kg 128
Time of deployment in combat position, min. 3
Missile recharging time, min. 2