Anti-aircraft missile 9M342

1-homing head; 2-dash compartment; 3-battle part 9H330; 4-marshale-engine; 5-star engine; 6-wing block; A-airdynamic nozzle

Anti-aircraft missile 9M342 is designed to engage jets, turboprop and propeller aircraft, helicopters, as well as small targets such as unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles on counter and overtaking courses in the conditions of natural (background) and artificial interference in the visual visibility of the target.

The 9M342 missile uses a single-channel control system, the essence of which is that the missile to create a control force in any direction of space with a single pair of rudders set the forced rotation with a frequency of about 15 Hz relative to the longitudinal axis. This is controlled so that for each revolution of the missile, the equivalent control force is directed in the required direction. Control signals from the homing head at the rocket's rotation frequency around its longitudinal axis are fed through one information channel to an electric machine, providing control of the rocket in two mutually perpendicular planes, than the selected guidance method - proportional approximation. At a method of proportional rapprochement irrespective of a kind of firing (towards, inhaling) the control signal is proportional to absolute angular speed of rotation of a line of sight of a rocket-target. Essence of method consists in reduction to zero of angular speed of line of sight that provides a meeting of a rocket with the purpose in a predetermined point. Phase and amplitude of the signal, received by the proportional steering wheel drive, determine the change of direction and intensity of the missile's turn in flight.

Main characteristics of the missile

Average speed on an established flight section, m/s 600
Length, mm 1635
Caliber, mm 72,2
Mass of rocket 9M342 (in a tube with a docked BNP), kg 16,7
Mass of rocket 9M342, kg 11,7
Weight of combat unit, kg 2,5
The operating time of the on-board batteries, s, at least. 15,0
Start engine type M342.02.06.000 solid fuel
Type of marshal engine M342.01.00.000 dual-mode, solid-fuel
Type of combat unit shrapnel-foot
Aerodynamic scheme duck
Departure velocity from the pipe, m/s between 19 and 22
Onboard power supply two heat batteries
Governing bodies aerodynamic rudders that control the engine at the start of the trajectory
Homing head type optical tracking
Control System single-channel
Guidance method proportional approximation