Launching machine 9P135M

The 9P135M launcher is designed to point 9M111, 9M113 and 9M111-2 projectiles at a target, produce a launch, and then control their flight under real-world conditions of combat, if visual observation is possible.

Technical data
Overall dimensions of the launcher, mm:  
in a combat position:
                  - length
                  - width
                  - altitude
in a camping position:
                  - length
                  - width
                  - altitude
Loader weight No. 1 (launcher with loader and single set of SIP, kg, max. 22,5
Box weight 9Я693 (launcher with stacker and single set of SIP, kg, max. 45
Guidance speed (at 2 r/s rotating speed of the swing and lifting handwheels):  
on the horizon, deg/s:
                       - first speed
                       - second speed
upright, deg/s 0,5
Pointing angles, degree:  
- over the horizon
- vertically
Range of definition NAU 9C451M projectile coordinates, m 4000
Time of output of NAU 9C451M on the mode from the moment of output on a mode of batteries, s 0,4
Operating temperature interval, ° C between - 50 and +50
Expansion of the 9Sh119M1 visiro device 10×
Field of view of the vizier device of the device 9Ш119М1, degree 5
Field of view of bearing channel I, deg:  
                     - vignetting diaphragm 6
                     - with an inserted replacement aperture 2,5
Field of view of direction finding channel II, angular minutes:  
                     - vignetting diaphragm 30
                     - with an inserted replacement aperture 10
Periscopicity of the sighting device 9Ш119М1, mm 300
Overall dimensions of the storage box 9Y693, mm:  
                    - length
                    - width
                    - altitude

The 9P135M launcher includes: 9P56M machine tool, 9C451M ground control equipment and 9P135.01.000 launch mechanism.

For convenience of movement with PU in camping position and its protection from atmospheric and mechanical influences packer and camouflage cover are applied.