Пусковая установка 9А83

The 9A83 launcher is designed to be used:

  • Transportation and storage of four fully operational 9M83 SSDs in transport and launch containers (TLCs);
  • automatic pre-start preparation and launch of SAMs;
  • calculation and issue of radiocorrection commands on the SAM 9M83 in flight, as well as illumination of the target by the directed continuous radio emission to ensure operation of the semi-active Doppler homing head of the missile (using the target illumination station placed on the booster).

PU 9A83 provides simultaneous pre-start preparation and launch of two LSDs at intervals of 1-2 seconds. Pre-start preparation time of the SAM is not more than 15 seconds.

Charging of the launcher is carried out with the help of the 9A85 starter charger. At the preliminary cable patching the time of switching the PU equipment from the own ammunition of the SAM system to the ammunition of the launcher does not exceed 15 seconds.

According to the commands transmitted by the telescode radioline from the 9C32 guidance station and the CC, the launcher provides the preparation of the SAM and the development of the CC mounted on it by the antenna system of the target illumination station, the generation and display of information on the launch indicator about the time before the target enters the zone of engagement and the time before it leaves the zone, the transfer of the solution to this problem to the 9C32 station, the launch of two SAMs, as well as the analysis of the interference of the SAM system and the transfer of its results to the 9C32 station.

After the launch of the LRS, the launcher provides the 9C32 guidance station with the information on the number of LRSs launched from it or with the associated launcher, the activation of the antenna and the transmitting systems of the target illumination station (see photo1, photo2) to the radiation in the mode of transmission commands of the LRS flight radiocorrection, as well as its switching to the radiation in the mode of target illumination.

The PU 9A83 is a part of it:

  • device for setting the TPC in the starting position (with hydraulic drive) ;
  • radio electronic equipment with special computer;
  • equipment for pre-start preparation of the homing system ZUR;
  • equipment of starting automatics;
  • equipment for pre-start preparation of inertial control system for LSD;
  • target illumination station;
  • navigation, top linking and orientation equipment;
  • telecode communication equipment;
  • Autonomous power supply system based on gas turbine generator;
  • life support system.

All the above mentioned PU equipment is placed on the tracked chassis "object 830" (see projections, photo).

The total mass of the PU with the SAM ammunition - 47.5 t. Calculation of PU - 3 people.


The 9A82 launcher is designed to transport and store fully combat-ready two 9M82 missiles in the TIC, as well as to perform the same operations as the PU 9A83.

In terms of design, main characteristics and operation it differs from this PU only by the device for installation of the TPK in the starting position and the mechanical part of the target illumination station. PU 9A82 is placed on the tracked chassis "object 831" (see photo).