140mm M-14D turbojet smoking projectile

The 140 mm M-14D turbojet smoke-smoke projectile is designed to smoke enemy observation points and firing points, for target designation or shooting, as well as to create smoke screens. The smoke-forming agent is yellow phosphorus or sulfuric anhydride in a mixture with pumice stone. Fuses B-25 or B-14.

Tactical and technical characteristics

Caliber, mm 140
The length of the projectile with the fuse, mm 1051
Weight of final projectile, kg:
            - in HF yellow phosphorus
            - dressed in a mixture of sulfuric anhydride and pumice stone
Weight of smoke-forming substance, kg:
            - yellow phosphorus
            - sulphuric anhydride mixed with a pumice stone
Weight of explosive charge, kg:
            T-30 (for phosphorus)
            T-43 (for sulfuric anhydride)
Powder charge weight, kg 7,65
Powder charge burning time, s 0,5–1,1
Muzzle velocity of the projectile, m/s 40–27
The length of the active site, m 128
Flight speed at the end of the active section, m/s 400
Highest projectile range under normal conditions, m 9800
Temperature range of projectile warfare, °С between -40 and +50