Universal vertical start unit Mk41

Пусковая установка вертикального пуска Мк41

The Mk41 UVP allows to fire various types of missiles: cruise, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine. It can include up to eight modules with launch containers: Mk14 mod. O and 1 for Tomahawk or Mk13 and Mk15 for SAM and anti-submarine missiles; missile launch system and other equipment.

Mk14 containers (length 6.7m, osmosis size 0.635x0.635m) are made of corrugated steel. They have upper and lower diaphragm covers, irrigation valve system in the upper part for water supply to the warhead when it is necessary to cool it, plug connectors for power supply, electric cables, quote mechanism, stabilizing and fixing devices. The upper membrane cover is made of rubber-impregnated glass fibre to protect the KR from a shock wave caused by the launch of a nearby missile. The lower membrane cover is made in the form of four petals, which are opened by the pressure created in the container when switching on the rocket engine. The ablation coating of the inner surface of the container provides up to eight launches without changing the container. The container withstands internal pressure up to 274.5 kPa.

The rocket launch system includes the launch sequence control equipment, the mechanism for opening and closing the armored covers of the HPV, power supply unit.

In the lower part of the HFC there is a chamber for exhaust gases, which are ejected through the gas channel outside above the deck of the ship. The chamber and the gas channel have ablation coating made of phenolic fibre tiles reinforced with chloroprene rubber. Armour covers in the upper part of the UVP serve to protect against impact water. On surface ships UVP Mk41 are installed under the upper deck. The total number of modules in them is 8, 12 or 16, but the total number of missiles is 61, 90 or 122 (instead of 64, 96 or 128), as the volume of three or six cells of containers is used to place a loading device that provides recharging of missiles at sea.