Chronology of ATACMS complex creation and modernization

  • March 1980 - With the completion of the LANCE project, the creation of a Land Forces Support System (CSWS) was proposed. It was to perform the same tasks as LANCE, but with less manpower and less support equipment.
  • July 1981 - Due to concerns that the Army and Air Force were developing two parallel projects with similar capabilities and tasks, the development center was handed over to the Army Laboratory (MICOM).
  • June 1982 - The Undersecretary of Defense for Research and Development announced that the Army and Air Force will combine the separate technologies developed under the CSWS and CSW programs to create the JTACMS Combined Middle Action Missile System.
  • March 1983 - Installation of the JTACMS lead developer for the Combined Universal Missile System Development Program.
  • July 1983 - Boeing Aerospace Company, Martin Marietta Aerospace, Vought Corporation was asked to evaluate and develop the JTACMS concept. All operational costs were split between the Army and Air Force in half.
  • January 1984 - by this time the companies had completed the concept study, but the Army and Air Force requirements had changed. The Army wanted to extend the range of the system, and the Air Force had already sent out requests to the industry.