AS-30L Aircraft Tactical Missile

Ракета AS-30L класса "воздух-земля"

The high-precision guided air-to-ground missile AS-30L is designed to engage various land and sea targets, including bridges, armored vehicles, surface ships. The development of AS-30L with laser guidance system was carried out by French company "Aerospatiale" since 1973 on the basis of AS-30 missile with radio command guidance system.

The missile is part of the Mirage 2000D, Mirage 2000-5, F-16, Jaguar, Mirage F1, upgraded Super Etendard and Rafale. The complex includes an overhead container with Atlis-2 laser target designation system (Automatic Tracking Laser Iluminating System), developed by Thomson-CSF and Martin Marietta (now Lockheed Martin Electronics and Missiles). An upgraded container equipped with a multispectral infrared camera, designated CLDP (Convertible Laser Designation Pod), provides 24-hour weapon systems with a laser guidance system.

The missile was adopted for service with the French Air Force in 1988. In 1996, an aircraft complex with a missile AS-30LV as part of an upgraded version of the "Super Etendard" was adopted by the French Navy.

The AS-30L missile was widely exported and currently, in addition to France, is in service with the Air Forces of England, South Africa, Egypt, Iraq, Germany, Peru, Switzerland, India, Jordan, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan and Venezuela.


Схема ракеты

The AS-30L rocket is made according to the normal aerodynamic scheme, has solid propellant marching and launch engines. The launch engine is inseparable and is equipped with two nozzle blocks. Two nozzles of the launch engine have a small angle of half-solution and are located outside the rocket body in special recesses of the tail compartment on both sides of the nozzle of the marching engine. The run time of the launch engine is -2s, it provides the rocket speed relative to the carrier up to 200m/s. The marching engine is launched in 1 s after the launch of the launch engine and accelerates the rocket to a speed of about 450m/s. Nozzle of the marching engine is in the center and is connected to the combustion chamber of the marching engine with gas, laid on the axis of the rocket. The marching engine is equipped with a traction vector control system consisting of four gas-dynamic rudders - deflectors with electromagnetic drive. Control is combined and carried out as aerodynamic surfaces, and gas-dynamic rudders.

Fighting unit - cumulative, contact fuse. BC is capable of piercing a concrete wall up to 2 m thick.

The missile is equipped with the TMV 585 laser semi-active guidance system (wavelength 1.06 mkm). The target can be illuminated by an onboard or ground target designation station. At the initial point of the trajectory, the missile is controlled by the inertial guidance system, when the intensity of the laser signal reflected from the target exceeds the threshold level, the control is transferred to the homing system. When firing at short range, the target can be captured by the homing head already on the carrier aircraft suspension.

Hanging containers LDP/"Atlis-2" and CLDP are used for aerial target detection, identification and illumination. The latter option is equipped with an infrared camera and provides round-the-clock application of the AS-30L missile. Visually, the containers differ in the shape of the nose section. The bow of the containers, which can be rotated horizontally at an angle of up to 160°, has an automatic target tracking system on an angle stabilized inertial platform, a multispectral television camera and a laser target illumination system. Installation of the laser target illumination system on a rotatable stabilized platform provides a wide range of maneuverability of the carrier aircraft after the missile launch. The central compartment of the container accommodates a power supply unit, an electronics unit for processing television signals, an on-board computer and a docking station. The power source of laser target designation system, cooling unit are placed in the tail compartment of the container. According to the developer's data, suspended containers LDP/"Atlis-2" and CLDP ensure accuracy of target designation up to 1 meter.

Mirage 2000H and Jaguar IS aircraft of the Indian Air Force are equipped with the hanging container "Litening" (Israel), which also provides round-the-clock use of weapons with laser guidance system.


Wingspan, mm 1000
Length, mm 3650
Diameter, mm 342
Start weight, kg 520
Maximum speed, km/h 1700
The ceiling, m 10000
Minimum range, km 3
Maximum range, km 11
Maximum speed, m/s 450 (М=1.32)
Flight time at maximum range, sec 22
Weight BC, kg 240


Запуск ракеты с самолета

During Operation Desert Storm in 1991, French Jaguar aircraft used AS-30L, which was normally launched from the aircraft during a 1.3 km dive (2.2 km entry altitude). A container with Atlis-2 target designation system was used for laser illumination of targets, suspended on a sub-basement pylon. A video was shown to the press depicting the AS-30L missile hitting a fortified ammunition depot, flying into its premises through the right gate door. In total, about 60 missiles were fired during this operation, the number of hits was 97% (according to other data 80%). According to French pilots in the Middle East theatre of war, they began to record ground targets at a distance of 16-20 km using the television system of the upgraded Atlis-2 container.

During NATO's air aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999, French Super Etendart fighter jets struck targets in Serbia (mainly in the western and southwestern parts of the country), attacking army and paramilitary police units while providing advanced aircraft pointers (AFAC), whose functions were taken over by American tactical F-16C fighters. The combat missions were conducted by pairs of aircraft - one aimed at the target using the Atlis-2 laser system, while the other struck by AS-30L missiles or laser-guided 500-pound GBU-12 bombs.


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