Starter unit 9P117 circuit

Схема ПУ

  1. the balancer;
  2. grabs;
  3. hydraulic tank;
  4. an arrow;
  5. DK-4;
  6. two measuring tanks with starting fuel;
  7. starting table;
  8. remote control for the boom, jacks and stops;
  9. backstops;
  10. supports;
  11. remote control STR 9B46M;
  12. 4 air cylinders of high pressure;
  13. Operator's cabin with remote control equipment РН, ShchUG, PA, 2В12М-1, 2В26, П61502-1, 9В362М1, 4А11-E2, ПОГ-6;
  14. ABB;
  15. box of remote control 9B344;
  16. in the cabin 2 cylinders of air start of the marching engine;
  17. under the GDL-10 cabin;
  18. in the deckhouse APD-8-P/28-2 and devices from the set 8Sh18;
  19. the equivalent of SU 2B34;
  20. the equivalent of CAD 2B27;
  21. devices from the set 8Sh18;