9B41 (9B41M) autonomous testing machine

9В41 (9В41М) машина автономных испытаний

The autonomous testing machine is designed to carry out autonomous checks of 8K14 rocket on-board devices from the group MAL, gyro devices before installation on board the rocket and 8B117 and 8B53 detonators before installation in 8F44 HF.

To check gyro devices, the longitudinal axis of the machine is set in a north-south direction, the machine is placed on jacks with a set of stands and horizontally.

The test equipment mounted in the 9B41 machine is included:

  • 1SB9 and 1SB10 gyro self-test equipment:
    • instrumentation panel KIP-41,
    • rocking stand IR-11,
    • fixture I11-10;I55-5/IC-11,
    • device with two levels for 1SB10,
    • collimator tube and screen,
    • A set of test tools for routine inspection of the instrumentation panel KIP-41:
      • resistance box КИ3.686.012Сп or connecting box КИ3.622.029СП,
      • set of cords and cables,
      • KI3.645.028SP insert
      • megaohmmeters at 100 and 500 V
      • device C4313.
  • apparatus for autonomous checking of the counting and solving device of the 1SB13(1SB13M) stabilization automaton:
    • 2B32 panel
  • control equipment for steering gears and feedback potentiometers:
    • 9B410 (9B410V) remote control,
    • torque 9F42,
    • 9F33 device for zero position of the gas-jet steering shaft bar.
  • equipment for autonomous testing of switching devices (for autonomous testing of 1SB16 switching box, disconnecting device C-229 and temporary mechanism 1SB15:
    • IP-RM panel
    • the IP-MVU remote.
  • equipment for autonomous testing of devices of the APR system for carrying out autonomous tests of the switching device 1SB23 block of high-altitude relays 1SB24:
    • panel 9В45
    • remote 2B28,
    • installation of KPU-3 with a height meter VD-20.
  • Equipment of autonomous check of blasting devices 8V117 and 8V53:
    • P11701 remote control
    • indicator P11702.

(Devices 1SB12 and 1SB47M converter with PRCH-30B are tested with 9V13).

The electrical equipment of the 9B41 machine includes main and auxiliary equipment.

The main electrical equipment designed to supply power to the test consoles, as well as auxiliary equipment devices are included:

  • motor-generator MG-4/32 with BA starter unit,
  • converter UV-35M with PRCH-30M-1,
  • converter UV-36 with RF-105M,
  • current distribution board 9B13.

The auxiliary electrical equipment consists of a 2B14 device, a 2B15 control panel, a lighting system, a heating and ventilation system (two OV-65 heaters) and communication equipment (telephone TAI-43 and the SPU-7 subscriber kit). Two electric furnaces are used to preserve the operation life of the heating and ventilation system and to maintain a constant temperature in the body.

The equipment of the 9B41 machine is powered by the 8N01 benzoelectric unit (ESB-12-VS/400 benzoelectric power plant). Electrical connection between the current distribution board 9B13 of the 9B41 machine and the test equipment mounted in the machine, connection of the power supply source (petrol unit) to the machine, as well as connection of the tested equipment to the test consoles is carried out using cables. The machine cables consist of a set of 9B29 cables, a set of K17.676 cables, cables included in the 9B410 console set and cables included in the MG-4/32 generator motor set.

The body of the KUNG-1MD ("KUNG-1M") is a covered van with a sealing material between the double walls of the roof and the floor. The body has a double door, three windows (one left, two right), equipped with heating and ventilation and lighting systems.

The location of the test equipment and electrical devices in the 9B41 has been made taking into account the free access and convenience of working with them. The equipment is mainly located along the sides of the car body.

On the starboard side the body is located:

  • remote P11701,
  • remote 9B45,
  • the closet in which they are placed:
    • portable console 9B410 (9B410V),
    • indicator P11702,
    • stacking box to the P11701 console,
    • the fuse box,
    • a device with two levels,
    • device 9F33,
    • torque 9F42,
    • the cables.

Under the 9B45 console there is a table in the sliding drawers of which there are measuring instruments and an IP-9B410 console (designed to test the 9B410 console, in machines with 9B410B console is not used). Under the table two electric furnaces are fixed to the machine board. On the lower shelf of the table the devices tested on 9B45 panel are placed. Four jacks, one or two boxes with a set of cords, an insert KI3.645.028 and a box of resistance KI3.686.012 or a connecting box KI3.622.029 are attached to the floor of the machine.

On the left side of the body of the car are located:

  • 2B32 remote control,
  • current distribution board 9B13,
  • control panel 2B15,
  • SPP-IP-MVU prefix,
  • device 2B14,
  • converter bay.

In a compartment of converters are placed: a motor-generator MG4/32, converters UV-35M with PRCH-30M-1 and UV-36 withЧ-105M. On the upper side of the bay is mounted plumb scale for the exhibition of the machine in the horizon when checking gyro devices. On a compartment of converters there is a cabinet in which a cover with assembly installation tool for explosive devices, collimator tube, screen, plumb line and ZIP are placed. On the wall of the right cabinet there is a thermometer and a fixture with the help of which the collimator tube and the screen are fixed in the rails available on the body ceiling for the time of gyro device inspections. A set of stands is attached to the front of the transducer compartment for the time of transportation, on which the frame of the 9B41 machine is placed when it is installed in a horizontal position during gyro tests. On the front wall of the machine body there are panels IP-MVU, IP-RKM, 2B28 and KIP-41. Devices tested on the consoles, are installed on the tables located under these consoles. At the starboard side, closer to the center of the car body, there is a swinging stand IK-11 with the device I11-10; I55-5/IC-1. For convenience of work in the body there are two rotating round chairs, which are attached to the body in special floor grooves. All equipment of the machine 9B41 is mounted in the body with brackets and special devices on shock absorbers.


  • 9B41 - test equipment for autonomous inspections is placed in the body of KUNG-1M installed on the chassis of ZIL-157KG car, the spare wheel is placed under the body;
  • 9B41M - test equipment for autonomous inspections is located in the body of KUNG-1MD, mounted on the chassis of ZIL-131 car, the spare wheel is located on the outer wall behind the body.

Technical specifications:

  • Time to prepare the machine for work (turning it over) and transfer it from the working position to the camping position (turning it over) does not exceed 30 minutes.
  • The machine maintains its operational and technical characteristics during transportation:
    • by its own way - on highways up to 10 000 km at a speed of up to 60 km/h and on improved dirt roads at a speed of up to 40 km/h,
    • by water, air and rail - at any distance and at any speed
  • dimensions 9B41 - 7155 x 2550 x 3318 mm
  • Weight of 9B41 is about 8500 kg.
  • Dimensions 9B41M - 7276 x 2427 x 3248 mm
  • Weight 9B41M - not more than 9400 kg.