ZIP Machine 2Sch1 (2Sch1M2)

The ZIP 2Sch1 machine is used for transportation of spare parts, devices, tools and accessories necessary for maintenance of 8K14 missile as well as for minor repairs.

The ZIP 2Sch1 (2Sch1M2) is a ZIL-157KG (ZIL-131) truck with the KUNG-1M (KUNG-1MD) body on the chassis with the special equipment for the ZIP laying and fixing. The body KUNG-1M (KUNG-1MD) is rigidly connected to the frame with five elbows and four brackets covering the spars and longitudinal bars of the body base. To protect the spar shelves of the frame from buckling by brackets, wooden bosses are inserted into the spars. To ensure that the rear bumper leaves the plane of the rear body wall, the machine frame is extended. The body of KUNG-1M is a covered van made in the form of a wooden frame with external and internal lining, between which is placed a layer of insulation material - mipore. The bars and transverse arcs of the body frame are connected in spikes on casein glue, and the posts, in addition, are reinforced with metal elbows to increase strength. The external and internal wall panelling is made of plywood. The roof of the body is covered with rubberized fabric on top of the lining. The floor of the body, assembled from pine boards into tongue and groove, is nailed to the cross bars; the inside is covered with linoleum and the outside is covered with steel sheeting. The rear wall of the body has a double-leaf entrance door with a lock and handrails. There are two windows in the body: one with a folding window in the right side of the body, the other in the right rear door sash. The windows are glazed with inorganic glass and equipped with light-masking curtains. Under the body there is a three-stage extension ladder.

For lighting, heating and ventilation, the body of ZIP 2Sch1 is equipped with electrical equipment consisting of an input board, switchboard, power supply network, electric lighting network, electric furnace and light-signalling device. The input board is located on the right wall of the body and is designed to connect the power supply voltage of 220 V AC from the 8H01 gasoline unit. To connect the input board to the gasoline unit there is a reel with a power cable located in the right hanging box under the body. The switchboard is located on the front wall of the body and is intended for distribution of electricity between individual consumers at 220V and 12V AC voltage.

For connection to the electric furnace network, there is a plug connection socket on the right body wall. For connection of portable lamps and devices at 12V and 220V two sockets for corresponding voltages are installed. The electric furnace is designed to heat the body during parking when connected to a network voltage of 220V. On a front wall of a body the exhaust fan serving for ventilation of a body in summer time and at small repair work is established. Outside the body the fan window is closed with a cover with felt seal. To protect the body against rodents there is a mesh in the fan window. For lighting the body ceiling has three main lighting panels and one stand-by lighting panel located on the ceiling at the front wall. The light-signalling device is used for transmission of commands from the body to the driver about starting or stopping traffic.

For laying and fixing the equipment inside the car body there are: shelving front, shelving right, workbench, fixing buckets, shelving left, stand and fixing boxes on the floor.

The front rack is bolted to the front and right sides of the body. A box with 1SB14 devices and box No. 3 with components for preparation of low-freezing soap emulsion is attached to the rack using steel tapes with lever locks.

The rack on the right side is bolted to the right wall and floor of the body. Cabinets No. 1 and No. 2 are bolted to the rack, which, apart from fastening to the rack, are bolted to the right wall of the body. On the cabinets are installed: a box with 1SB18M, a box CMU, and a box number 2 9V28. Cabinets No. 1 has three drawers with spare parts, accessories and tools. Cabinet No. 2 has eight sliding inserts in which the tools are stored.

The workbench is installed at the right wall and fastened to it and the floor with bolts. For minor repairs the workbench has a locksmith's vice. The workbench has seven drawers, six of them contain spare parts, accessories and tools, and the seventh - documents. Under the workbench, buckets are fixed with clamping strips and springs.

The shelving on the left side of the body is located at the left wall and is bolted to the left and back walls of the body. A box with wires and plug connectors and a box with high and low pressure hoses, tie bars and tapes are attached to the top shelf. On the middle shelf shelf attached: a box with the device 1SB13, a box with 1SB25M, a box with the device 1SB15, a box with the device 1SB16, a box with 1SB19. At the bottom shelf shelf: box No. 2 with device C52, gearbox 3210-0A and megger, box with device 1SB47M, box with water-absorbing cartridges and box with UDP1-3 pyropatrons (DP1-3Sh DP1-09 DP1-3).

At the front wall of the body a box with 1SB12 device and a box with 1SB9 device are fixed on the floor with steel tapes.

At the right body wall on the floor steel tapes are fixed: under the right rack - two boxes with graphite steering wheels 0100-0A/8A61, under the electric furnace - a box with a panel 9B28 for pneumatic testing.

At the left wall of the body on the floor with steel bands attached: a box number 1 with accessories for the preparation of soap emulsion, a box with ZIP panel 9B28, a box number 4 with devices SB-1MU/100, optical quadrant and cable connector KR-45, a box with the device 1SB10, a box with a set of cables 1SB21, which is installed box number 5 with test cables and cables BKS.

The ZIP 2Sch1 machine is equipped with a folding stand designed for work with the rocket, which can also be used as a chair. A thermometer is fixed on the front wall of the body from above, a stand for 9B28 is fixed on the left rear door sash in a bracket with special locks.

The car ZIP 2Sh1 allows moving during operation at speeds up to 60 km / h - on highways and up to 40 km / h - on improved dirt roads. Availability of three driving axles and devices for tire pressure regulation from the driver's seat while the car is moving provides good cross-country ability of the car. The car ZIP 2Sch1 allows transporting a trailer with total weight up to 3600 kg.

Technical specifications:

  • top speed, km/h - 60
  • driving axle number - 3
  • smallest turning radius, m - 12.
  • track width, mm - 1750 - 1755
  • weight, kg - no more than 8300
  • overall dimensions, mm - 6930 x 2406 x 3208