Horizontal Testing Machine 2B11 (2B11M)

Машина горизонтальных испытаний 2В11 (2В11М)

Horizontal Testing Machine (HMM) 2B11 is designed for electrical testing of the rocket during its transfer from arsenal readiness to readiness № 6 or readiness for refueling, as well as electrical testing during routine work with missiles stored in readiness for refueling.

In the event of a launch in the event of failure of the control system or CAD (system of emergency explosion of the missile), the evacuation of the missile to the technical position of the LRBM, diagnosis of the LR and CAD of the missile with the help of MGI 2B11 and replacement of the defective device to the correct from the set of machines ZIP 2Sh1. After that in combat conditions the missile can be used for its intended purpose.

Autonomous tests of each individual device are performed with the help of the 9B41 autonomous testing machine (IAM).

MGI control equipment was placed in KUNG on the basis of ZIL-157 or ZIL-131. In the center there is a remote control, consisting of three blocks - post 2B12-1, similar to the remote control placed on the launch unit. This console allows to carry out the same checks as on the starting position, however, since the wiring diagram on the technical position differs from the diagram on the starting position, the scope of checks is somewhat different (more in-depth).

To the right of 2B12-1 is the 2B25 console designed to check the ADS system. In contrast to 2B26 console (installed on starting units and intended only for setting the operation mode of the ADF), 2B25 allows for full diagnostics of the ADF system (the so-called "first" and "second" autonomous checks are carried out).


On top of 2B12-1 there is a simulator of automatics of the propulsion system and the head part, by means of which signals arriving on pyropatrons of pneumo-hydraulic system of a rocket and the scheme of interface of a head part are controlled, and also serviceability of pyropatrons and absence of short circuit on the case of pressure signalling devices is checked. In addition to the above equipment, the MGI 2B11 includes remote controllers, which are used to check the device 1SB24 directly on the missile.

When carrying out checks in the machine is in addition to the operator one person who monitors and fills out a log of inspections of the rocket (usually the battery commander), the head of the department of regulations and chiefs of calculations of the control system and the propulsion system are located with the personnel of the department of regulations near the rocket.

The work of the entire Regulatory Affairs Office is very complex and requires constant practice. This is what 2T63 simulator was usually used for. Simulator 2T63 is a model of the rocket with installed models of devices, as well as simulators of the console equipment of the machine horizontal tests. The console equipment was mixed in KUNG, but unlike 2B11, this KUNG was mixed not on the basis of a ZIL-157 or ZIL-131 car, but on the basis of a two-axle trailer. In addition, unlike the KUNG 2B11, the simulator had not two windows on the right side, but three. Otherwise, KUNG simulator was an exact copy of KUNG 2B11.